7fog.com: Blog 7fog.com: Blog https://www.7fog.com/blog/ Copyright by 7fog.com en 7fog.com Thu, 11 Aug 2022 14:23:49 -0400 Air Freight Vs Shipping: What's Better For Your Move?

There are several benefits of shipping your belongings by air. It is faster than any other method, has less risk of destruction or damage, and is available worldwide. It also offers enhanced security. However, the price of air transportation is significantly higher than oceanic transport. This is due to increased fuel costs, fees, and service demands. Here are the pros and cons of both methods:

Cost Comparisons of Oceanic And Air Shipping

Air freight is more expensive than ocean freight. In most cases, air shipping is not the most affordable option. It costs 5 times more than ocean freight. That's why shipping by sea is the best option for a low value shipment. In addition, air freight is safer and faster than shipping by sea. An ocean shipment of $200 can cost up to $1,000 by air.

Air freight is expensive but faster than ocean transportation. A move via ocean can take two to four weeks. You pack your stuff into a waterproof shipping container and load it onto a ship. The ship passes through customs and picks up your shipment when it arrives at the destination port. You can choose whether to take a ship or a plane for your move.

Air freight is the fastest way to move overseas, but it comes with a higher price. The cost of air freight depends on the size and weight of your possessions and the destination country. If you're moving from one place to another, consider air freight if you don't need to send many pieces.

Time Constraints of Different Shipping Methods

While ocean freight is the cheaper method, it also has the most delays. You should make sure you have enough time to prepare for the delivery. If you're moving overseas, it's worth it to save money on the cost of shipping by air. You should also consider using an international mover to ensure the least amount of headache during a stressful move.

Air freight is the fastest mode of shipping. It is a bit more expensive than oceanic shipping, but it can reach remote locations in a fraction of the time. If you're moving internationally, you may need to ship some large pieces to your new home, and if you're concerned about the cost instead of the time, choose ocean freight. While air freight is faster, ocean freight is better for your budget if you have multiple large items.


In international moves, air freight is the most expensive option. In contrast, shipping by sea is slower but also less limited. And because air freight carries less freight, it is often more expensive. If you're moving abroad, you might want to look at the logistics of both, as well as consult an international mover about your options.

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How to Create a Simple Online Store With Less Than a $100 Budget Want to create your very own online store, but worried you lack the budget? If that’s the case then the good news is that it doesn’t take as much money as you might think to get one started, and you can actually pull it off even if you only have less than $100.

The trick to creating a simple online store on a small budget is to carefully spend what money you do have on the areas that matter most - while not wasting any money on unnecessary bells and whistles. That can be hard if you’re new to ecommerce, which is why you should keep reading to find out exactly what you need to do.


Before you jump in and create your online store, you must make sure that you’re fully prepared. In particular you will need a business idea that you’ve fleshed out into a business plan so that you fully understand what you’re going to do and how you’re going to make money.

Think about what products or services you’re going to sell, who your target market is, and how you’re going to reach them. It may help to look into your potential competitors either, both to see how tough they are as well as learn from them.

Domain and Hosting

While Software as a Service (SaaS) ecommerce platforms may sound attractive, they are generally more expensive in the long term and cost anything from $30 to $50 a month. Instead of that the more budget-friendly option is to sign up for a webhost and domain – then install a free ecommerce platform.

The cost of signing up for a webhost and domain can vary, but it is possibly as low as $60 for a year. However if you want your website to be faster or would like to build a larger store then you may have to find a better hosting package.

As far as ecommerce platforms go, there are some excellent free options available nowadays such as Magento or WooCommerce. It may take some time to set them up, but once you’re done you’ll have the makings of a simple web store ready to go.

If you don’t need a full-fledged ecommerce platform you could simply build your product page as an order form. Online form builder services like AidaForm available for free and start with 20$/month when you need to collect payments.


After you’re done setting up your website, you should have a little bit leftover. That can be used for extras, such as marketing, advertising, or branding.

As far as marketing is concerned, it may be best to stick to the free route initially and focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media. Similarly for branding you can use Canva or other platforms to design a simple logo without spending a dime.

Generally the best place to invest the rest of your budget when you set up a new store is in advertising. Even as little as $10 or $20 can go a long way if you spend it on Facebook ads and target the right group of people.


To sum it up, all you really need to spend on to create a simple online store is your website (hosting and domain), or the SaaS service that you want to use. As for the rest of your needs you can use free options initially – so $100 should be more than sufficient.

If and when your store starts to pick up and you start to make more sales, you can upgrade your website, hosting, and invest more in marketing and other areas. But for now the most important thing is to take the first step and create your online store.

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What Is an IBAN Account and Why Is It Needed IBAN allows harmonization of the payment space, and will also contribute to further planned modernization of the electronic payment system. People who have to receive a money transfer or transfer money from Europe for the first time will need to learn more about IBANs. So, we are here to help. 

What Is an IBAN Account

IBAN is a customer's online account number with a bank or other financial institution, assigned under an international standard. IBAN code or IBAN account stands for International Bank Account Number, this is an international standard for the bank account number of the recipient of the money, developed by the International Organization for Standardization and the European Committee of Banking Standards.

Such an IBAN account is used following the requirements of the European Union Directive “On the mandatory indication of IBAN codes in payment instructions”. In addition, the IBAN code is the only identifier of the beneficiary's account for payments in any currency (USD, EUR, etc.) in favor of bank customers in the member states of the European Union.

Banks and other financial institutions are authorized to refuse payments in which account numbers are not in the IBAN account format. It entails both non-fulfillment of payments and withholding of a commission for the return of these funds.

IBAN Structure

An IBAN account opening is quite simple, but you need to know about the structure of the number. The standard structure of the IBAN should not contain more than 34 numbers or letters. The structure often looks like this:

  • The first two characters – country code of the beneficiary's bank, consisting of letters (according to the standard);
  • 3rd-4th character – only one unrepeatable IBAN code (according to the standard);
  • The following 4 characters – the first 4 characters of the bank's Business Identifier Code;
  • The concluding portion of characters – unique number of the client's account in the bank.

People open IBAN accounts in more than 45 countries of the world, including the European Union, its territories, and other countries.

When IBAN Is Required

When you make money transfers from a Genome (website https://genome.eu/) account to the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area, as well as to the acceding countries, the IBAN code is required.

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Becoming a successful trader by lowering down the risk factor Novice traders don’t realize the importance of risk management factors in the early stage of their trading careers. They keep on trading the market with high risk and expect to make a big profit. But aggressive actions in the investment industry usually make the traders frustrated. If you want to make a living based on the Forex trading business, you must learn to take the trades with low risk. And if you do so, becoming a successful trader is going to be a lot more easily.

Lowering down the risk exposure in the trading profession needs to be done in a very strategic way. It’s not like you have to trade with low risk in each trade. Read this article as we are going to discuss some of the key steps which you can follow to lower down the risk factor in each trade.

Low leverage trading account

You should not trade the market with the high leverage trading account. To protect your trading capital, you must learn to lower down the leverage in your trading account. The maximum leverage which you should take per trade should not exceed the ratio of 1:10. You can easily find such a leverage trading account by choosing a good Forex broker. Once you learn to select a premium broker, you will no longer face trouble in selecting an optimized leverage trading account.

Try to ride the trend

When you take the trades with the top Forex broker UK, you should remember the importance of trend trading strategy. Without taking the trades with the major trend, you will never learn to take the trades with a great level of confidence. Learn to draw the major trend lines in the higher time frame and take your trades in a very strategic way. Once you become good at analyzing the key trends in the market, you will become much more efficient with your actions. Most importantly, you will learn to execute high-quality trades with an extreme level of precision. 

Analyze the news event

To keep your funds safe, you must learn to analyze the major news. Taking the trades based on the technical data only increases the risk factors to a great extent. The elite traders always merge technical and fundamental data to find the best possible trade signals in the market. Once you become good at analyzing the major news event, you should be able to make large profits with a great level of comfort. Through analyzing the key news event is a bit tough task but you can do so by following some safety protocols. For instance, you can learn about the high impact news by reading books and articles. Once you become good at analyzing high-impact news, you won’t have to face much trouble in the trading profession.

Use the Fibonacci retracement tools

The rookie traders often take the trades with high risk and they say they have nothing to do. But if they learn the use of Fibonacci retracement tools, they easily ride the trend by using a tight stop loss. Some traders often integrate the price action trading technique to improve their trade execution process. Though this is a very powerful way to find reliable trade signals in the market, you still need to be cautious about your trade execution process. If you fail to manage your risk profile in a strategic way, you will keep on losing money. 

Trade with less risk exposure

Being a new trader, you should risk 1-3% of your account balance. If you invest a big sum of money, it would be wise to risk less than 1% of your account balance. Once you start maintaining the basic rules for money management, you won’t have to worry about the risk factors. You can easily find reliable trade signals and execute quality trades. But remember, no trade is perfect. Be prepared to deal with the losing trades on regular basis.

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How to send and receive bank payments from abroad? Bank payments can be likened to money. They are the digital form of traditional bank paper checks. Bank payment authorizes a person to withdraw money from your account as with a check. And these days, most businesses now engage in international activity. Not only is it risky to carry a paper check worth billions of dollars in your purse to a bank, but it is also worse to cash it out and arrange it in a bag. That’s why many businesses (and individuals) prefer to send and receive money through digital means. 

In this guide, we would provide you with the alternatives providers to use in sending and receiving bank payments.

The Most Expensive Method: Bank-to-bank Transfer

We tagged this the most expensive method because, well, it is. Bank-to-bank transfer is the use of bank transfers to send and receive bank payments. We can understand why many people use this medium because it is the most direct form. To send a bank payment, use a bank, duh! To do this, senders would go to their bank’s branch (or do it online through internet banking), provide the needed details, and send. The receiver would have to know your bank details (full name, bank account number, sort code, and SWIFT code) to receive the money from his/her bank. Easy right?

However, this is extremely expensive because of the hefty fees that would be deducted from the money during sending and receiving. Imagine sending $100,000 abroad and half the money’s gone on transfer fees and exchange rates. That’s why we have alternative providers. These providers make sending and receiving money from abroad a breeze. To get a better understanding, watch the video guide provided.

Alternative Providers: Money Transfer Companies

Money transfer providers are companies that are involved in the business of sending and receiving money (and bank payments) between different countries and involving different currencies. Their fees are generally lower than that of banks, and they don’t require as much information as banks do. Instead of the lengthy and technical paperwork, money transfer companies might require just a few details. 

You can also send money after you have just opened an account with them which is not the same for banks. You would require to have opened an account with the bank (for a while) before you can begin to send money internationally. Another advantage is that money transfer companies send your money quicker than banks, and are more flexible for smaller transfers. They also offer a good deal when it comes to large transfers.

There are many money transfer companies with different business structures and processes, however, the same thing applies to them when it comes to how to send money abroad. 

How to Send and Receive Bank Payments from Abroad?

Though there are many money transfer providers in the world today (and many more are being developed and upgraded), the method of sending is similar to them all. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to send and receive bank payments from abroad. Or, if it’s easier, you can watch a quick video guide about international banks payments.

Step one: Open an account with the money transfer company of your pick (if you haven’t already) through the desktop website. 

Step two: Complete the registration process by filling in your personal and bank details.

Step three: Include photos, signatures, and other requirements to verify your identity. This is done to reduce and prevent cases of fraud

Step four: Now, you can place your order using the mobile app or the desktop website. Ensure to look into the fees (which would be briefly explained in the section below), the exchange rates, and the time frame for sending the money. Then set the terms as you would desire and hit next.

Step five: Input the receiver’s contact details. Money can be received through bank transfer, cash pickup/delivery, online wallets, or mobile airtime top-ups. Therefore, depending on the method of collection, the appropriate details would be requested. They could include name, bank account number, Bank Identifier Code, Home address, mobile number, and so on. 

Step six: From your bank account, make the payment to the money transfer company.

Step seven: Track the transfer progress on your app or the website or via email

Step eight: Finish the transaction when the receiver has collected the money. 

Things you might need to know

Here are a few things you still need to know such as the fees (we promised to mention that), the exchange rate, the time frame, and so on. 

Understanding the fees

The fees that eat into the money sent or received include the sending fee, transfer fee, receiving fee, and exchange rate. Relax, they aren’t expensive - most of them. 

  1. Sending fee:This is the fee that is charged for sending the money abroad. Using an analogy, if you want to send $500 and your sending fee is $20, then you would have to pay $520. The company keeps $20, and $500 goes to the receiver. Simple right? Some companies charge their sending fees in the percentage of the money to be sent, while others have a fixed fee for a range of amounts (that is, $70 for $0-$1,000, and $100 for $1,001 to $5,000 for example). However, not all companies charge a sending fee.
  1. Transfer fee:This is the term mostly used to address sending fees. 
  1. Receiving fee: This is the amount of money the receiver would pay to collect the money. Some companies charge both transfer and receiving fees, while others charge only a transfer fee, and the rest charges nothing at all. Sometimes, receiving banks are the ones that charge a receiving fee instead. Again, this can be placed as fixed prices or percentages. 
  1. Exchange rate: This is the difference in value between two currencies. Therefore, when converting from one currency to another, the exchange rate is used to fix a price. Many companies use transparent exchange rates (while a few others add their percent). Keep an eye out for the one with the most transparent fees. 

How long does it take?

Generally, it takes less than a week to send and receive money using money transfer companies. While some take about 1-3 days, some take as long as 3-6 working days. Some companies even transfer money within 24-72 hours. 

Final tip

To maximize the avenue laid out, it is best to compare money transfer companies before choosing one. No company can suit your transfer needs 100%. However, you can always find one close to your heart. Double-check exchange rates, and remember to watch the video (if you haven’t) for more information. 

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Local SEO Tips to Help Your Small Business Thrive

Small businesses have had a tough time over the past year. The Wall Street Journal reported that an extra 200,000 American businesses were forced to close during the pandemic, on top of the average annual closure rate of 600,000.

If your organization managed to make it through to the other side, that’s cause for celebration. But after you’ve given yourself a pat on the back, you’ll want to focus on how you’re going to survive through 2021 and beyond.

While there are countless ways to grow your business, the implementation of a digital marketing strategy is a must. Undoubtedly, search engine optimization (or SEO) is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your online presence over time. Best of all, you can level the playing field by using local SEO techniques.

Local optimization allows you to target potential customers within your community and raise your profile within your service area. Instead of trying to appeal to customers from all across the country, you’ll be able to concentrate your efforts on those who are most likely to visit your business and buy your products or services.

But how exactly can you start using local SEO? The following tips can increase your online visibility and allow your small business to thrive.

Ask For Reviews

Online reviews are more important than ever. In fact, the majority of consumers now consider online reviews to be just as influential as personal recommendations from people they know.

Of course, negative reviews aren’t great -- but having no reviews at all is even worse. Without any online reviews for your business, prospective customers will have a difficult time trusting your brand.

Most people will remember to leave a review if they’ve had a negative experience, but we forget to voice our support if our experience was a positive one. That’s why you’ll want to concentrate on generating online reviews from satisfied customers. You can remind your customers in person, via email blast, or through social media. Let them know how much you appreciate their efforts and how big a difference it could make for your business.

When you receive a review, make sure to respond to it promptly and with compassion. If the feedback isn’t everything you hoped for, resist the urge to become defensive. Instead, make sure the reviewer feels heard and that you take the opportunity to showcase your customer service skills. Chances are that you might be able to mend the relationship -- and even if you can’t, you’ll show others exactly what your brand is about.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Optimizing your site involves a fair share of technical website work. It’s not all about the kind of content you write; you also need to provide a great visitor experience.

Both Google and web users want to interact with easy-to-navigate websites. As such, it makes sense that your site rankings could be impacted by the type of experience you provide. A slow-loading website that makes it difficult to find vital information will probably have a tougher time with rankings than a site that’s speedy and simple to use.

It’s also important to remember that at least half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices. As we use our smartphones and tablets more frequently, website owners need to embrace responsive design. You need to have a mobile-friendly business website that ensures accessibility for all, regardless of how it’s being viewed.

If you aren’t sure whether your site is mobile-friendly, Google has its own test you can use to check. Since a non-responsive website can hurt your rankings and alienate potential customers, you’ll want to consider whether a redesign is warranted in the near future to prevent both of these issues.

Use GMB and Online Directories

Don’t forget that your off-site presence can have a positive impact on your rankings. Google My Business (GMB) is a free platform your organization can use to connect with customers and even appear more prominently in search results pages. Be sure to claim, fill out, and optimize every possible section of your GMB profile.

You can also list your business in a variety of online directories. Yelp, Angi, Yahoo! Local, and tons of other industry-specific directories will allow you to include some basic information about your business. This can help Google to better identify your brand and serve relevant solutions to web users. Just make sure that all of your info is consistent across these platforms; even small discrepancies (like abbreviations or spellings) can make it harder for Google to recognize your business.

Optimize With Local Keywords

Of course, a big part of local SEO is keyword usage. Using relevant keywords throughout your website -- in your title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and throughout your content -- can help search engines understand context and recognize what you offer.

Rather than optimize your website with overly broad keywords, consider focusing on local keywords or long-tail keywords. These keywords will be more specific to your audience and better aligned with search intent, which means you may get more high-quality traffic and conversions. During your keyword research process, look for options that include your service area or specific services and products with a location. These keywords should have decent search volume without being too competitive.

When optimizing your site with these keywords, you may want to create separate landing pages for each service area or an FAQ page. These pages will allow you to easily use these keywords in a natural way.

Running a small business can be a huge challenge. But with local SEO, you can make an impact and get noticed online. Try out these tips for yourself and watch your efforts pay off!

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7 Ways To Attract Donations To Your Church Have you been having some trouble getting donations to your church?
Do you feel like fewer and fewer people are donating as time goes by?
Or maybe, you have big plans that require a bit more donation money?

Although the specific reasons why your church might need more donations can vary, I’ve assembled a list of strategies you can use in order to garner more money from your community’s donations.

Although the burden of raising funds for a church most often falls onto the staff and elders, try getting your members involved too! It’s easier to garner funds when people work together.

1. Begin A Social Media Movement

These days, people are spending most of their days checking their phones, which makes social media a great way to communicate with your community. Having a strong social media presence is crucial for any church in 2021.

Now, other than simply talking about the goals of your donation campaigns and updating your community about your progress, you can also draw attention through creating a social media movement. Using hashtags to reach more people is a great way to get your community involved, as all they need to do to build more hype is to use that hashtag in their posts.

Think about the millions donated to ALS treatment after the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral. This is an excellent example of how a social media movement can garner massive donations. If there’s an entertaining, funny, and harmless thing that you can use for a challenge, that’s a great way to attract younger churchgoers, as they’re more familiar with social media and that type of humor.

A good place to start when doing this is the youth pastor. They’ve generally got quite a bit of influence on the younger members of the church, so if you’re able to get them on board for a fun challenge, you can be sure that it’ll spread quickly!

2. Encourage Members To Give Up Luxuries

Charities, churches, and nonprofits around the globe have been taking advantage of this donation-garnering method for millennia.

It is a rather simple concept: Ask your congregation or local community members to give up a luxury and donate what they would’ve spent on it. This can be anything ranging from going out to dinner, to coffee, or a more modern luxury like video games.

Once you’ve decided on a luxury, you’ll need to decide on the length of time that you will give it up for. Generally, I would suggest making this around a month; picking February for the first one is generally ideal, as it’s the shortest one, and that makes the load a bit lighter on your congregation.

If a month seems too long, you can let them opt-in for half the duration, or even a week. The duration depends on how large the luxury is, and the attitude of your community.

3. Go Digital

Every aspect of our lives is being digitized, especially during these times of COVID. If this is an area you haven’t yet capitalized on, it’s time to do so. Here are a few ways you can go digital and attract donations in the process.

Host free online sermons using conference calling tools to keep isolated members of your community in touch with the church and your services. Not only will this increase a feeling of togetherness at this pressing time, but it also gives them an opportunity to donate to the church via digital donation plates. 

Churches across the world have had offering plates as a cornerstone of their donation efforts for over a century.

Now, although traditional offering plates are a great way to garner donations, making online donations possible for your community can have a great effect on your donation efforts. Giving your church a well-designed online presence and giving page can skyrocket the donations you receive.

An important feature to implement here is the option for members that have donated to be able to see how much they’ve donated throughout their donation history. People feel better when they see how much they’ve helped others, which makes them more likely to continue doing this.

For those who are still able to attend church in person, there is another technology that can be implemented to draw awareness to the other tactics being discussed in this article.

New digital donation plates? Starting a new social media movement? Offering babysitting nights?

These can all be advertised with effective digital signage. Digital signage can lead to a substantial increase in sales and brand awareness. This isn’t to say that a church is a brand, but the technology works all the same. Even as a non-profit, it’s important to sell the value of what you’re offering people.

4. ‘Buy One, Give One’ Programs

This strategy started out being used mainly by for-profit organizations such as TOMS Shoes. However, this same strategy can be used just as effectively by churches and other nonprofit organizations.

If your church gives out meals for the homeless, you could have a dinner, lunch, or breakfast sale with the motto “buy a lunch, give a lunch” where you can price all of the meals at a bit of a premium.

This lets people actually get something for their donations. Furthermore, they get to taste and feel the meals they’re providing to the homeless in the above example, helping them relate with the cause further.

5. Use Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is defined as an effort to raise money through donations given by a vast amount of people. It started out as a method for smaller businesses and nonprofits to get small investments; however, it has developed in a great way to gather money for nonprofits.

Despite the fact that crowdfunding has become a staple of most 501c3 nonprofits, churches are lagging behind quite a bit in their utilization of crowdfunding.

Unlike most donation-garnering efforts you can make, crowdfunding is one of the very few that reaches out far beyond your congregations or even your local community.

Now, although making a simple crowdfunding campaign is extremely easy, you can’t guarantee it will meet your donation goals. You’ll need to keep these tips in mind and consider studying finance basics if you want to be successful:

  • Use Social Media: Having an active social media presence is crucial to the success of your crowdfunding efforts. Share them on social media, and encourage other members of your church to do so as well.
  • Get a Starting Sum: A lot of crowdfunders have the issue of getting off of $0 when crowdfunding. This is because people like to donate to things they know others are donating to. Because of this, you should get some donations from your congregation, friends, or family before publicly launching your campaign.
  • Use Videos: If you’ve ever asked for donations for a similar reason, use a video showing the church doing that work. Videos help people associate faces with projects, and people like helping out other people.
  • Regular Updates: You want to keep the main page of your crowdfunding efforts up to date at all times. Make sure you’re transparent about how the donations are being spent, as well as how well your fundraiser is progressing. You should also have two different mailing lists, one for people that have already given a donation, and one for those who haven’t.
  • Pay Attention To Your Donors: Regardless of whether someone donates $20,000 or $2, they’re an important donor that decided to give their money to your church instead of spending it on anything else. Thank them; make sure that you have a mailing list for people who have donated that thanks them for it even a month or two after the crowdfunding campaign has ended.

Naturally, there’s a lot more that goes into crowdfunding than this, but this is a good start to your journey.

6. Offer Babysitting Nights

Asking some workers in the nursery to take some time out of their schedule to hold a babysitting night can be a great way to boost donations. After all, it lets parents give some money to get some alone time without being distracted by their children.

This gives parents, especially younger ones, some time to spend with each other and do the things that they are always “planning to do later,” but can’t get to due to their parental responsibilities. After all, a babysitter is quite expensive and finding one takes quite a bit of time. Not only does setting up a babysitting night give you some donations, but it also does a great service to your community.

7. Set Short Timers

When people see an opportunity to donate that lasts for, say, a year, they won’t donate immediately. After all, they’ve got a whole year to do so. There’s no sense of urgency driving them to do this.

This is all fine and good for standard donations people give to help your church keep running, but for specific projects, you’ll want to set a specific date on which there’ll no longer be opportunities to donate to that specific cause. This should generally be a month or two from the start at most.

Furthermore, organizing your donation efforts like this helps your team stay on track. It’s a lot easier to avoid procrastination when there’s a set “deadline.”

Closing Words

There are a lot of ways to gather donations for your church, ranging from social media to babysitting nights. With that being said, the biggest takeaway is this: Modernize your approach.

Although many churches are centuries old, that doesn’t mean you have to act according to century-old donation-garnering methods. Simply being active on social media and making a sleek website for your digital offering plate can make a huge difference. 

But above even that, the most important thing for you to do when gathering donations is to do it for causes you really believe in, and to give back to the community as much as you can.

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Prepare Your Cafe Business for Success: 5 Things You Need When you decided to become a professional barista, did you imagine yourself working for the biggest coffee chain in the world? Or were you aiming to be your own boss?

If the latter sounds more appealing to you, you must learn how to successfully prepare your café business.

Coffee shops continue to serve billions of people worldwide. In fact, the sector has grown into a $58.7-billion industry due to its compounded growth rate of 4.1 percent. A study revealed that this would increase by more than 4.6 percent yearly until it reaches over $143.4 billion in 2025.

Considering this potential, it isn’t surprising why many professional baristas decide to start their own café businesses. If you’re one of them, there are five things you need to ensure that your business is poised for success.

1.   Knowledge of the Business

Thorough research is vital in becoming an expert at anything, and this can also help you create a business that thrives and overcomes competition.

Keep in mind that launching a café will require a significant amount of time, effort, and money. This is why you have to ensure that all forms of investment you make will be worthwhile by spending as much time learning all you need to know about the task now.

Here are some things you need to learn about before jumping in:

Business trends and failures

This will help guide your brand identity, goals, and other decisions in your business.

To know the business trends, you have to talk to insiders in the business (e.g., veterans) and the customers you plan to target. Talking to seasoned café owners will also help you get a glimpse of the challenges they faced and the failures they encountered so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

In short, this is where you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Unique selling point (USP)

A unique selling point is a thing that separates you from the competition. It is the “X factor” that lets you stand out from the crowd.

To determine your USP, you may need to visit plenty of similar cafés to get insight into the type of business you wish to establish. This is arguably the most fun part of business planning.

Here, you can list down things you like and don’t like and work your way towards developing an identity that will help people identify your own brand.

Target market

No business can succeed without considering the market, and for your café, you must learn everything about your customer base.

Who are they? What do they do? What time of the day do they usually take their latte?

These simple questions can yield useful answers that can help you develop your USP, create an attractive menu, come up with a price point, and so on.

2.   A Clear Vision

Entrepreneurs with a clear idea of what they are aiming for have a better chance to succeed. This is what it means to have 20/20 vision in the café business.

If you’ve done the first thing on this list right, then you probably already have huge plans brewing in your mind regarding what you want your café business to become. Don’t forget to write all of these down.

After that, you can start collecting pictures, designs, and menu ideas and compile all of them in a portfolio. This will serve as your inspiration for different aspects of your café, particularly for the kind of food and drinks you wish to serve and how you want your customers to feel the moment they enter your business premises.

Your vision will influence the following:

  • Trade or brand name of your business
  • Shop décor and design
  • Products
  • Target market

3.   A Concise Business Plan

Everything is better with a plan, and all types of businesses – from a huge shopping mall to a small-town coffee shop – requires a business plan.

Basically, this document should identify:

  • The kind of business you want to establish
  • How it can become profitable
  • The primary demographics of your target market
  • Who your competitors are
  • How much sales and revenue you project to have
  • The different milestones you wish to reach and goals you want to achieve

When writing your business plan, don’t go too deeply into details just yet. Just because you intend to use an iPad POS system during your operations doesn’t mean you should already include it in your first draft, for example.

The key is to start with a lean business plan – or a one-page pitch. This will allow you to get a good sense of the market, validate your business idea, determine how you can reach your target, and differentiate your business from others – much like a thorough executive summary.

4.   The Right Location

Coffee shops are popular because they serve as excellent places to socialize. Statistics also show that they are the top spot for friendly get-togethers and solo relaxing while reading a book, surfing the web, or simply enjoying a tasty snack.

These establishments are also known as the primary destination for informal business meetings, after-work learning, and group collaborations.

As such, you have to make sure the location of your café is conducive for doing all these.

It should also be near places where your target customers frequent. For example, if you’re aiming to attract the after-school crowd, it would be best to pick a spot near schools and universities. If you’re after the white-collar workers and professionals, go for the business district.

Make sure that you base your business location on your business plan and research it thoroughly.

5.   A Healthy Network

Networking works not only to get companies to hire you, but also to find the right partners to help you put up a successful business.

Besides this, your network can also serve as a good starting point when looking for reliable equipment and ingredient suppliers to make your dream coffee shop a reality.

Depending on the kind of café business you plan to put up, you’ll most likely need suppliers for milk, coffee, fresh produce, and groceries. If you don’t make bread and pastries yourself, you need to look for an affordable and trustworthy supplier for those, too.

To make sure you have a partner to provide each of your needs, make a list of all the ingredients, tools, and equipment you need. Don’t forget the tables and chairs.

Prepare for Success

Success is closer to those who prepare for it. Make sure you become one of them when planning to start a café business by completing this list of essentials.

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Beginners Guide to Chiropractic Care Chiropractors are medical professionals who relieve body pain by using their hands. North Dallas chiropractic care involves managing the nervous system, cartilage, bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. During treatment, the best chiropractor Dallas will use small instruments or hands to carry out the manipulations. Note that manipulations on various body parts are vital in relieving various discomforts, including hip pain, leg pain, shoulder and arm pain, pelvic, back, and neck pain.

It may be a surprise to you to learn that chiropractors can solve problems ranging from acid reflux to infant colic to constipation. Most pregnant women seek the services of the best chiropractor Dallas when nearing the delivery time. On the pregnant women, the specialists aim at realigning the pelvis to assist the baby get into the right position for easy delivery via the vaginal route.

What Should You Expect?

Although chiropractic services work wonders for some patients, there is a fraction who doubt about its effectiveness. Chiropractic care is useful in relieving lower back pain but inappropriate in managing conditions such as asthma. Studies reveal that a combination of chiropractic care with traditional medicine is more effective pain management several folds higher than when conventional treatment is used alone.

Note that not every chiropractic care entails direct cracking of bones. One technique involves the use of an activator to align the spine gently. The other method requires table movement to align different parts of your body. Chiropractic care differs from the typical remedies in managing back pains, such as epidural steroid injection, spinal fusion, opioids, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

North Dallas chiropractic services focus on holistic therapy, whereby their chiropractors ensure proper functioning of the entire body rather than a particular pain or ache. Your first day at the chiropractor consists majorly of physical examination and your medical history. The specialist may recommend additional tests such as an X-ray to help in diagnosis.

After that, the specialist will proceed to adjustments, where you will lie down or sit on a uniquely designed therapy table. The chiropractor may direct you to move in different positions to treat specific body areas during the appointment. Note that cracking or popping sounds could accompany the treatment as the specialist applies controlled pressure at the patient’s joints.

On your appointment, it’s advisable to put on comfortable and loose-fitting clothing. Consider removing the pieces of jewelry before the treatment begins. Chiropractors can make the required adjustments without you changing into hospital gowns. Note that a feeling of fatigue or headache may occur after the procedure. The regions where manipulation occurred may be sore after the process, but the symptoms are temporary and mild.

In some cases, the chiropractor may recommend corrective exercise for the patients out of the appointments. Besides, the best chiropractor Dallas also gives patients lifestyle advice such as exercise and nutrition suggestions. Do not get surprised if they blend it with complementary practices like homeopathy and acupuncture.

Risks of Chiropractic Care.

  • Chiropractic adjustment may lead to disk herniation or nerve compression in the spinal region.
  • Soreness or fatigue after the appointment.

Stroke is another rare complication that may result after manipulation of the neck. Various conditions do not warrant chiropractic services. Hence, the need to seek the advice of primary care physicians before reaching out to a chiropractor. More so, if you lose strength or experience numbness on your leg or arm.

Such symptoms may need procedures that are beyond the scope of a chiropractor. More conditions that require different treatment approaches include:

  • Increased risk of getting stroke.
  • Spinal cancer.
  • Severe osteoporosis.
  • Spinal instability.

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Care.

Both chiropractic care and physiotherapy share some similarities. Both disciplines aim at managing body stiffness and pain. Additionally, licensed specialists carry them out. Professionals in both fields may have similar targets but use different routes in achieving the goals. Such similarities include:

  • Use of non-surgical and non-invasive techniques to manage pain.
  • Hands-on treatment in managing particular conditions.
  • Both may co-treat or treat the same conditions.

Chiropractic care may be necessary when preparing for invasive treatments. North Dallas chiropractic services are appropriate for patients of diverse ages. The practice focuses more on the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

Determination of the most suitable therapy depends on your condition and specific needs. At times, both physiotherapy and chiropractic care may be necessary to minimize pain and improve a patient’s quality of life.

Reach out to professional chiropractors at North Dallas. They are ready to assist you in living a pain-free life through the various manipulations. You will regain the lost motion, flexibility, muscle strength with improved neurological and mental health.

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How to Reduce Costs in an Accounting Practice Simply checking rates with suppliers and getting rid of unused costs isn’t going to move the needle. In order to reduce costs and become a much more profitable firm read this article. Below is a list of what Archimedia Accounts, a Nottingham based accountants do:

1. Outsourcing or offshoring

This is a topic which makes many Accountant’s uneasy.

Usually it takes 6 months to get outsourcing and offshoring working. Give it this amount of time so they develop the right relationship with your team and understand all the particulars of each client.

Ideally you should have standardised systems so that it is relatively easy to offshore work. As far as cost reduction strategies go, this is your main option.

If you want some recommendations for outsourcing and offshoring companies, simply reach out to me.

Some things to think about when offshoring:

  • Choose a recommended company: There are so many companies to choose from, make sure you ask your friends and others within your network. Request case-studies and call the firms they work for. Many companies will also send you examples of their work.
  • Go slow: You know you have found a good company when they suggest you send a test client to them, however you also know it’s a good company when they won’t simply do ad-hoc work. Pay their minimum monthly fee and test work with them before developing the relationship.
  • Make sure your existing team is fully on board. You don’t want to create two “camps”. The best results will come if everyone works together, where communication flows. A quick win here is to position it to your existing team like a lot of the mundane work will be carried out offshore, and the team can now do a lot of the more interesting work such as forecasting, and financial management. Another good way of ensuring synergy is by making sure the offshore team are good at communication. One way of ensuring this is thinking about (and asking your team) whether you would like a dedicated staff member or not.

2. Dealing with unprofitable clients

Unprofitable clients cost you and your team time, energy and profit.

Analyse the profitability of each client, also decide who you actually don’t like working with, who you love working with. Try to spot patterns and make the conscious decision to actually get rid of some clients, I promise you, you will skip into work the next day from happiness!

You should be using timesheets to identify how much time your team is spending on each client. Also ask your team who they don’t like working with.

Many firms do not get rid of clients each year, but you must know the rule that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your clients. Over-servicing the D-grade clients means you are under-servicing the A-grade clients. Those who love your work and you would probably get a lot more profit out of if you and your team had the free time to spend serving them more. You could find out their needs and help further solve their problems.

You can propose a price increase to the D-Grade clients, you never know, they might be willing to pay a lot more money.

My experience in working with these types of clients is that the ones who aren’t going anywhere tend to be the ones that want to pay you less. They aren’t going anywhere because they refuse to pay good money for a good solution to a very real problem in their business. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Once you have offshored a lot of you work, then it’s time to consider which clients you don’t like working with and who suck up your time. Carrying out these two strategies will improve your bottom line and help you be one step further in achieving your goals.

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How to Talk to the Debt Collectors While Protecting Your Rights If you are behind on your monthly debt payments, you shouldn’t be too surprised when the debt collectors begin calling. Answering those phone calls can be stressful, so it can be helpful to know what to say.

Stated by Important Credit News, debt collectors have rules and regulations that they must follow. So, they cannot call at all hours of the day and night. If debt collectors are calling you, you should not only know how to talk to them, but you should also know what your rights are in regards to the debt-collection calls.

How They Find You

Debt collectors get your name and contact information from the creditors that you are not paying. They contract the debt collectors who work on their behalf to recoup some, if not all, of the debt you owe.

Answer Once

When they call you, answer the call. It might be uncomfortable to talk to them, but you should be sure that they have your information correct. Ask them what creditor they are representing and how much they claim you owe. You should also ask them how old the debt is, as it may have passed the statute of limitations in your state.

Get Written Details

The most important thing you should do when you talk to the debt collector is to ask them to send the information to your home address. If the debt collector is legitimate, they will be able to send you a letter with the details you need to know. This gives you the information you need to dispute the claim or check it against your credit report. You might even find that someone opened an account in your name if you have been a victim of identity theft.

No Promises or Information

Whatever you do, do not give out any information over the phone. Do not share your bank account numbers, and do not make any promises to pay. If the debt collector wants you to commit a payment, tell them you want to see the written information first.

When To Settle

After you receive your written information, you can contact the debt collector and attempt to settle. Many times, the settlement amount will be significantly lower than the total you owe. If you pay off the debt with a settlement, your credit report will not make an impact as severely if you do not pay at all. If they won’t accept a settlement, ask about a payment plan that fits into your budget. Do not put the amount onto a credit card.

Your Rights

As a debtor, you have rights. The first is that debt collectors cannot call outside of the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM. They cannot call you at work, and they should be able to give you a number that you can call back at a time that works better for you. Debt collectors must tell you the truth, and they are not allowed to harass you. They also cannot threaten you. Debtor’s rights are available through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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Guide to Starting a Moving Company If you are looking to start a moving company, there is a right way and wrong way to do it. There are also things to keep in mind when deciding whether it is right for you. It can be very lucrative if done right since everybody moves. With this high demand also comes competition. Follow this guide to starting a relocation service to ensure your success.

  1. Research the industry

Begin by doing an analysis of the moving industry. Research the standard rates and expenses. Research competitors to find out what the successful ones are doing right and what the failing ones are doing wrong. Determine that starting a moving company is right for you based on your research. We highly suggest having a strong moving background prior to starting the business so you know the ins and out. The moving industry can be a great business to get into because everyone moves. It is a very popular service with lots of money to be made. The downside; however, is that with this popularity also comes intense competition. What will make you stand out? Will you offer better rates? Better service? Better marketing? These are all questions to ask prior to starting your moving business.

  1. Write a business plan

Once you have researched the moving industry, use this information to write a business plan. Your business plan should include a summary, description, market analysis, competitive analysis, sales/marketing plan, operating plan, and financial plan. This is an imperative step to set yourself up for success and ensure you have all your ducks in a row. Determine the scope of your business. Will you move difficult items such as pool tables and pianos? Will you do just in-town relocations or move clients interstate as well?

  1. Get the right permits

Do some internet research or talk with your business lawyer to determine what permits you need to operate your moving company. You will need special permits for interstate moves vs. intrastate ones. It will also vary by city, so be sure to do your research to ensure compliance with your local laws and regulations.

  1. Rent a warehouse and office location

Now its time to establish your brick and mortar location. You will need a warehouse to store your equipment and possibly an office. To save costs, we suggest just creating a makeshift office space inside of your warehouse until you get your feet on the ground.

  1. Purchase or lease your equipment

If you choose to be a full-service moving provider, you will need your own truck and equipment. At a minimum, you will need one box truck, several dollies, moving blankets, boxes, and packing tape. Since the moving truck will by far be your biggest expense, consider leasing a truck at first until you start generating revenue. If you are a “labor only” moving company that does not provide the transportation, then you will need less equipment to get started.

  1. Hire employees

As with any business, you will need employees to execute your business. First and foremost, you need at least a few movers. As a startup, it is also likely that you will be wearing many hats and doing a lot of the moving yourself. Search for employees with a prior moving background or at least people who are willing to learn and can lift 60 or more pounds comfortably. College kids make excellent moving employees since they are typically clean cut and career oriented. You can find your employees through word of mouth and internet job listings on sites such as Indeed, Monster.com, and Craigslist.

  1. Start marketing

Now that you are a fully functioning business, it is time to start generating inbound leads. You need to make yourself discoverable so you can generate business. There are many routes to marketing your moving business. Making sure you have a good internet presence will be imperative. You will either want to outsource your digital marketing or hire someone in house to make sure your website is ready to generate leads. You can also purchase moving leads from companies such as Thumbtack, Move Honcho, or Moving.com. This is the most pain-free way of closing deals since rather than trying to generate your own leads, they are delivered directly to you for a very affordable rate.

  1. Get Moving

Now that you have business generated, it is time to get to it. Be sure to provide a high level of service so you can get referral business and develop a positive reputation. Continue to refine your processes to become as profitable as possible while upholding a high standard of service.


Starting a moving business can be an extremely profitable decision if done correctly. It also may not be for everyone. Follow this above step-by-step guide to set yourself up for success.

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The Factors That Influence How Consumers Perceive Your Brand

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If you were to name several brands in a minute, do you think you can name more than fifteen? Brands can easily be recognized by people due to several factors. Experiencing the product or the service alone does not immediately guarantee good brand perception. You might remember some brands due to the excellent advertising they have, the prices of the products, or due to controversies that affect their image. You might even remember brands from vlogs you have seen on YouTube or any social media platform.

If you’re an owner of a specific business or company, then it’s time for you to step up your game in terms of consumer perception. When people choose brands to purchase from, they actually engage in complex cognitive processes. Here are some of the common factors that influence how consumers perceive your brand as listed on Bizfluent.


Consumers can remember your brand in a blink of an eye if your products or services are priced reasonably, especially when they are compared to similar products or services from other brands. Consumers would always find ways to save money, which is why, most of the time, they would expect a bargain from sellers. However, if your product seems too inexpensive when compared to alternatives, consumers might think it’s cheap, discardable, and unreliable. Due to this notion, it is important for company owners or entrepreneurs to plan the price carefully. Products should be economically priced, which means it takes into account the economy, the alternatives in the market, consumer perception, labor, materials, packaging, and other important factors.

Quality and Service

These two factors are similar to each other, hence we grouped them into one. However, these two factors are also the vital factors with regard to consumer perception. Quality may refer to any attribute of the product that satisfies or disappoints the consumer. The attributes might be reliability, durability, and usability. As for service, this is applicable to how you or your staff accommodates consumers. Training your staff how to handle consumers from all walks of life is very important to prevent any major complaints or accidents in the course of their service. Put in mind that word of mouth is powerful and might affect how potential consumers view your products and/or services. This is true especially now that consumers usually share their purchasing experiences online. When you sell products online, your comments section might also be flooded by feedback from consumers. It should be your goal to receive a five-star rating from them or at least have positive comments on your online business profile.

The product itself is not the only reflection of your brand’s reputation. For instance, your company or business can be described in terms of your associations with other companies. In some cases, consumers also take a look at the business owners, endorsers, manufacturers, staff, and all the people involved in the business. This is why as business owners, it is crucial for you to keep a good entrepreneur image so your consumers wouldn’t have doubts about your products and/or services. Some entrepreneurs even go the extra mile by attending publicity events or by promoting their products themselves.


Branding refers to the overall look or identity of your business. Branding also entails the attractiveness of your products especially in terms of how it is being marketed or advertised. Through branding, you can express the uniqueness of your products and/or services. Think about branding this way: your customers can automatically get the idea of what to expect from your products and services. It allows you to differentiate your goods from the alternatives in the market. You can be the experienced and reliable service provider or the fresh yet innovative startup company. You decide.


How do you prepare your products for customers? The packaging of your products can really affect how consumers perceive them. If they are poorly wrapped around plastic, consumers might think their purchase is not at all special or is not even worth its price. If you sell stuff online, it is best to consider customized packaging or boxing to make sure the items you will deliver or ship to the consumers will be in its perfect condition. When it comes to packaging, people want to feel a sense of excitement whenever they purchase something new. Boxes or special containers give an element of surprise. Or it can give a feeling of assurance whenever there are fragile things inside it.

Basically, brands are everywhere. People just need to be given enough information and experience to remember them well. When you start branding for your business, you must address the factors that influence how consumers perceive your brand. Finally, we suggest you conduct a market research so you will get to know your consumers more, and you will be able to collect their common opinions about your products and services.

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These Seven Steps Can Help You Land the Right Job

You are not alone in your desire to make the big switch to a fulfilling and thrilling job or ensure that your first one is a step toward a lifetime career.

The road to discovering your dream job, especially if you don’t even know what it is, is far from being straight and narrow. You may have to spend years in a role before you realize that it isn’t working. What this means is you have to retrace your steps and go back to square one where rounds of preemployment tests await.

Take drug testing, for example. Not all employers require this procedure, but it’s not uncommon to submit to one when you move to another company. You can only take all necessary measures to pass a drug test and take the opportunity to change the course of your life as in the following steps.

Get to Know Your Strengths, Skills, and Interests

Sit down and have an honest review of what you can do and want to do. Start with skills that you have learned and developed over the years at work and outside it. Who you are, your motivations, and your interests have a significant impact on your career choices. Indeed, your personality dictates how you handle situations, especially in jobs where stress and cut-throat competition are mainstays. Your propensity to learn and relearn matters when you venture out of your comfort zone.

A note about passion: it pays that you are passionate about something, but the right career sometimes goes beyond that. You will have a more grounded decision if you consider all factors to see the bigger picture.

Write Down Your Ideal Workplace

You may have worked long enough to come up with a list of things you want to see in your future career. These preferences can center on what makes work enjoyable and worthwhile. You also look into your definition of a pleasant working environment and people you want as coworkers and bosses. Ultimately, these characteristics form the basis of staying in a company or moving along to a new one.

Find Common Ground

In the course of your right job search, you will come across many questions, such as these:

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are the needs of companies?
  • What are your interests?

The answers you have probably known, but it is discovering the overlap that will clarify some things for you.

Meet People Who Have Found Their Dream Job

Get in touch with folks who have been in your shoes and have done that successfully. Social media is filled with people who made a drastic move in their career and found their life’s work as in the saying “Find a job that you will love, and you will never have to work.” You can learn from their experience and apply these lessons to your endeavor. Interacting with this group can lead you to a mentor to help you out.

Network and Feel the Industry Pulse

Expand your social circle by making friends with people working in various industries. If you’ve been eyeing an advertising role, for example, catch up with an acquaintance who works in that field. Firsthand knowledge about the demands, challenges, and inner workings of their jobs can level your expectations and prepare you for what’s to come.

Think before You Readily Say Yes or No

A friend informed you about a job opening in her company. Reserve your knee-jerk reaction, and refrain from saying yes or no until you have seen the details of the job. Ask questions. Maybe the nitty-gritty aspects of the work will pique your interest. If they don’t, you can actively look up job listings online.

Take a Career Assessment

It is an impartial way to help you find the right job that matches your personality and passion, as well as skills and strengths. But for this tool to be effective, it has to yield consistent results despite retakes and measure what it is supposed to do.

Career tests differ by the factors they cover; some are free, while others require payment. Whichever quiz you want to take, as long as they are reliable and valid, make the most of the insights to steer you in the right direction.

Important to Note

There’s no correct formula to resolve existential and practical matters of life. But you may do well to consider these pointers should the question “What is the right career for me?” arise. As a matter of practicality, don’t quit your job until you are ready to switch and explore your options.

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Why You Should Use Personality Tests to Hire the Best People Making the right hiring decision can be a challenge. Companies often spend valuable resources--both time and money--hiring employees that they believe to be a good fit for the company. But sometimes a new hire isn't a good fit, and the hiring process begins all over again. 

What if there was a program that could predict the best candidate based on scientific calculations? This is where personality tests come in. When businesses use personality tests (https://www.berkeassessment.com/solutions/personality-testing) to compare potential candidates, making the right hiring decision is no longer a challenge. This brings us to the first reason why you should use personality tests to hire the best people: 

Personality tests take the guesswork out of hiring 

When guesswork is no longer part of the equation, you can make hiring decisions with confidence. You can really get to know the candidates before hiring them, and job fit scores show areas in which they hit or miss job targets. 

Objective candidate data, combined with predictive analytics, is used to improve recruiting results. A research team analyzes employee traits and builds profiles to help you decide who to hire next, based on common traits. 

Today's assessment technology is highly accurate. It can help employers understand a number of things about a candidate: 

  • his/her motivators
  • personality traits
  • problem-solving abilities
  • learning capabilities
  • how they process information
  • whether they have the talent to succeed
  • his/her assertiveness
  • spatial visualization
  • whether they like following rules
  • how they respond to pressure

Not only can this information be used to make hiring decisions, but it can be used after the hiring process is complete as a way to understand employees' varying personalities. 

Personality tests save businesses valuable resources 

People are complex, and it can take months to determine whether someone is truly a good fit for a position. By then, lots of time and money has been spent hiring and training an employee. Time and money are valuable resources that could be better spent elsewhere within the company. 

Prevent wasted resources by using a personality test to hire the best candidate. You will understand immediately something that would otherwise take months to find out. Candidates can even be compared for multiple positions, so if they aren't a good fit for one position, they could potentially be hired in another department. 

Personality tests help streamline the interview process 

Different managers have different interview styles. This means the interview process can be inconsistent within a company that has multiple hiring managers. 

Personality tests can help streamline the interview process and make it more consistent. It reduces unintentional discrimination and biases, putting candidates on an even playing field. Additionally, it helps employers avoid legal issues that can be caused by unintentionally judging a candidate by the way they look, their gender, or other factors that shouldn't be considered during the hiring process. 

Instead, personality tests use information about an individual's personality to determine whether he or she is a good fit for a particular job. 


A resume and an in-person interview are great for highlighting a candidate's experience and skills. But because people are so complex, these two tools alone don't always help to hire managers understand how a candidate thinks or what motivates them. This is where personality tests come in. They can help businesses find the best fit for a position on the first try, rather than spending valuable time and money on an employee who isn't the best fit for that position. 

Personality tests use a scientific method to compare various traits and determine who is the best candidate for a job, taking the guesswork out of the hiring process.

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How to get more visitors to your business through organic marketing. Getting visitors to your business website can be difficult.  

Search engines change the way they work daily and users of websites expect a certain standard of website, otherwise they click that dreaded back button and when that happens your website gets ranked lower in the search results which ultimately leads to fewer website visitors and sales.

In this article, I will tell you exactly how to get more visitors to your website and how to keep them on your website so that search engines like Google know that your website is a trusted source of information.

Here are my top tips on how to get more organic search traffic to your business website.

Don't use outdated tactics.

Using tactics that used to work in the year 2000 will do more damage to your search engine traffic than good.  A popular tactic back 5 years ago was to spam the keyword you were trying to rank for as many times as possible on a page.

If you were trying to rank for the keyword "combination vanity units" for example you would enter that keyword onto your web page 100's of times, however, Google knows that this is trying to trick the system and it just ignores it.  

These days it's much better to build links pointing at your website to include the brand name of your website.  A brand, for example, would be:

- Victoria Plumbing.

- Soak.

- Bathroom Supastore.

By building a brand your website becomes more trusted and shows higher in the search engines.

Create content that can be shared.

Content that can be shared by your users on social media and any other way people can share content these days is going to benefit your business.

If you owned a local plumbing business, you could create an online tutorial showing others how to fix their boiler when the pilot light goes out, how to bleed a radiator or even how to protect your pipes in the winter.

Content that isn't selling anything and is useful often gets shared online and multiple websites link back to it.  The more people who link to your content, the more your website is going to be trusted by the search engines. 

Earning backlinks is difficult, but there are a few good link building tutorials out there. 

Trusted websites can expect more website traffic, more visibility and more sales or enquiries for your services.

Optimise your website for search.

Depending on what your website is built on will depend on what software you can use to optimise your website for search.

60% of the web runs on WordPress, if you use WordPress you can optimise your website by installing software like Yoast.  Yoast will allow you to enter meaningful SEO titles and descriptions that will let your website visitors know exactly what your page is about.

Monitor your efforts.

Increasing your organic search volume can take time, so don't get down if your website traffic hasn't exploded overnight.  Some organic marketing campaigns can take years to execute, so it's very important that you monitor your efforts.

A ranking increase here and there will show you that you are heading in the right direction.  Some tools to monitor the progress of your website include:

- SEM Rush

- Ahrefs

- SerpBook

If you Google any of the above you can take out trials on all of them.


Getting organic traffic to your website is tough but achievable.  With laser-guided focus and a content marketing strategy, you can compete with some of the biggest companies in the world.  A website with search visibility can change a business around.

If you have any organic marketing techniques that have worked for you please share them in the comments below.

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How to Fund Your New Coworking Space Funding any business can be complicated and overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. But just like being a business owner, you can learn the things you need to be successful when it comes to funding and financing as well. Much of what holds people back from pursuing funding options is that they discount their eligibility ahead of time - a common problem amongst entrepreneurs who want to chase a dream, but lack the confidence to go after the thing they want. Rather than wonder if you’d quality for a loan or funding to help you get start with a coworking space, the best thing to do is just apply. Here are some tips on how to get your new coworking space funded.

If you are thinking about starting a coworking space, it can be a lot of fun and every space is uniquely different. Even if two spaces are similar, the edge, culture and location of your startup space will separate it from the pack. This means that while there may be a lot of startup spaces or coworking spaces popping up, you have an advantage based on the clientele you’ll cater to, attract, and retain. There is something for everyone at coworking spaces, but everyone who seeks to work at one of these great spots eventually finds one that is right for them. Your people are out there, so don’t worry.

As you prepare your application for funding or financing, ask yourself why your community needs a coworking space. Are there are a lot of solo entrepreneurs who don’t want to pay full price for a rental suite? Are there new startups in the area that are looking for a home base that is flexible and affordable? Are your community members looking to put down roots or will they be in and out? The answers to these questions help you form the basis for your justification for needing the funding to support the space. But there are other options besides getting a loan.

One option is to sell rental space ahead of time. If you can gather enough interested business owners to buy into a space before you actually have a space, you can put a deposit on the rental agreement for the office space before you actually have all the money for renting it. This is risky, but it can mean that you don’t need to finance your business venture out of pocket and it can buy you some time and get a sense of how many people are really ready to commit to such a space before you go ahead and build one. Just like condo sales, much of the space can be rented before there is even a space to see!

Another way to avoid having to get a loan or financing for your startup space is to rent a large single office and rent desks out. This way, you only have to pay for the cost of the one office space and can divide it up amongst several consultants, freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, online retailers, and more! The desks can be rented like a timeshare: one week for this person, and another week for another person. This method makes it easy to keep butts in seats throughout the year, and ensures that you can always afford your own rent even if you don’t have business owners in the space. Any months where you have renters means money in your pocket and that money can be reinvested back into the business to help you stabilize your business model and get a bigger space over time.

Whatever your reason for wanting to start a coworking space, just know that there is a real need for this kind of collaborative working environment. Everyone from work-at-home moms to online retail empires are looking for affordable space outside of their regular diggs to focus on growing their businesses. There’s no reason not to go for it!

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7 tips to consider for first time homeowners Buying a home for the first time is very exciting. People may have been saving money for years to afford the home they want. When it comes to looking for a home to buy for the first time, it's best to keep in mind a few factors. The process can be scary. It can also be wonderful. When you're done, you have the house you've always wanted. Proper preparation and thinking about what you most want will help you find the right space for your needs.

The Location

It's an old adage but it's true. Location is everything. It's possible to change just about anything in a home. But you can't move it to another place. When you're starting the search for a home, start with the neighborhood. You want to think about which neighborhoods work best for the home you have in mind. This might be a big city like Brisbane or Melbourne. It might also be a smaller town where you can get to know everyone who lives there.

The location is the one thing that should come first in your search for that first home. Think about the feel of the entire region. You might want to be next to ocean or closer to the mountains. Look for a home that ticks these boxes before you do anything else.

Your Budget

Another major consideration the kind of budget that you have in mind. Almost everyone who is looking for a home will need to adhere to a specific budget. Many people need to take out a mortgage in order to afford the home they want. This is where it helps to have a close look at your finances. Any first time home buyer should understand the mortgage application process.

You will typically need to present a great deal of paperwork in order to qualify. You'll want to have all sorts of documents on hand before you begin. This should include your paycheck as well as any evidence of your other assets. Bank officials want to see that you afford the home you have in mind. Show them and you'll get that mortgage process going fast.

Future Plans

Many first time home buyers are young. This means they're just starting out their lives. They may not be married or have children yet. As they continue their lives, they'll want to continue making changes in their lives. This is where a home should change with the person. When looking at a first home, keep in mind that your plans might be different just a few short years later. You might have entirely new plans by then and a new life in every way.

Think about the house now. Think about if there's room for change. You might want to make sure you have room to change your plans. Look for homes that have space for a new baby or room to accommodate a border if you want to share housing costs. Property Management Raine&Horne can help you locate that first space.

Spare Time

It's also best to keep in mind that a house or apartment can take time to keep up. Some places have people who will do that for you. In most instances, however, you are the one who is doing the repairs to the space. You will have to mow the lawn and make sure all the bushes are trimmed properly. You are the person who needs to devote your spare time to keeping up the deck and making sure the front walk is swept free of debris. You will have to step up and keep the home in good working order from the very first.

If you don't have a lot of spare time, consider buying a home on a smaller lot or one where there's little less space inside and outside. This way, you can relax rather than spending all of your spare time taking care of your property.

Money For Repairs

As a homeowner, you are also the person responsible for doing the home's repairs. You are the person who must take responsibility if something leaks. You will need to make sure the roof is properly maintained and the pipes are fixed if there's water gushing out. This is why it is best to make sure you have extra funds on hand as you buy the home. Create an emergency fund before you begin searching for a home. This way, you will always have enough money on hand to handle all need housing issues.

A Commute

Most people need to head to work in order to earn a living. Think about how you're going to get to work from the location you have in mind. Look closely at transportation options in the area. If you drive, find out areas of traffic in the region. Hit the road during rush hour. The same is true if you are planning to opt for public transport options. Make sure you know which bus lines go in that area and how they get you where you want to be. The same is true of all transit options. Find public train schedules and see when the trains arrive. This is a good way to narrow down your neighborhood options and see which ones work best.

Current Priorities

It's also important to think about your personal housing priorities. You might want a certain location with a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms. However, that might be slightly beyond your budget right now. In that case, you'll want to think about what is really and truly important in your housing search. Consider what you really want and what isn't as important. You might decide you need fewer bedrooms and bathrooms in turn for the location that you like best. It's all about knowing what you want before you begin the process of searching for a first home. This way, you'll get the first home you really want.

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7 simple ways to grow your wealth and investment over time Wealth is a desirable thing. People who have a firm financial foundation are those who have all they need to pay their bills. They're also people who can cover an emergency and have the funds for special treats at the same time. For many people, building wealth is a process that continues early in life and continues until retirement. Those who want to grow their savings, help a child financially and enjoy a comfortable retirement can follow a few basic steps. Careful, steady investments, attention to spending and an understanding of basic financial terms such as compounding interest can really pay off in the long term with a growing nest egg and a welcome sense of financial security.

Start Saving Early

People who wind up with a lot of savings often do so because they start saving as early as they can. Funds saved today can earn many years of interest before the person needs access to it. In the meantime, even a small amount of money can quickly grow. For example, saving twenty dollars each paycheck yields a thousand dollars in savings over the course of a year. Left alone for twenty years, that base can double, triple and continue to grow.

Make an effort to begin saving from the moment you begin that first job. You'll be amazed at how much wealth you'll begin to see even five years later.

Cut Easy Corners

Budgeting is a must for all those who want to see wealth grow. A close examination of any budget often reveals lots of places to make cuts in spending you'll barely notice. Start by making your own coffee at home before you leave the office. Think about bringing a prepared lunch to work two or three days a week rather than eating out. Making your own food is healthier than fast food. Bank the difference between the two.

Other areas can also be cut with ease. For example, stick to a single car rather than two cars or avoid buying a new car for as long as you can. Take public transportation to work. Cutting some minor corners helps add to your overall capital.

Consider Your Risk Tolerance

Everyone has varying levels of risk tolerance. Some people are comfortable taking huge fiscal risks. Others prefer to keep such risks at bay. Think about your own level of comfort before you set out to build wealth. Many people start out saving for a specific goal. They want to work closely with Pumped On Property Buyers Agents Brisbane in order to buy a home of their dreams. They also want to take a vacation and create an emergency fund.

As people grow, their own personal tolerance of risk may change. They may face increased expenses as they care for ailing parent or have issues with illness. It's a good idea to periodically re-evaluate your own sense of risk tolerance and consider any investments accordingly.

Live on One Salary

Many people are part of two income earner households. These are households with more than one income stream. One person may work in the private sector while the other works for the government. Many families have one partner who works full time while the other partner works part-time to supplement the family's overall income while handling all necessary childcare duties.

Build wealth by living on one income and saving the other income. One partner's funds can be designed to cover the couple's basic expenses. The other member can be used as investment capital. A couple might use the extra funds to buy a mixture of growth stocks and stocks that pay a dividend. The couple might also consider investing in real estate. Renovating a property and then renting it out to tenants can pay off with a steady income stream that can serve as the couple's source of savings and wealth.

Do Not Panic

Temporary financial downturns are very common. In a few short moments, investors may panic and rush to remove their savings from the market. Issues such as unemployment can creep up, leading a temporary spike in joblessness. Those who build wealth over time know that is crucial not to panic in the event of any sudden and unexpected losses.

This is why all investors should first focus on building a nest egg to meet any emergency expenses. Investors who have enough funds on hand to cover at least three months expenses can take their time and decide how to respond to changing conditions. They do not have to worry about using their greater wealth to pay their basic bills.

Varied Time Horizons

All investors should also keep in mind differing time horizons. Investments need time to build. Start with small steps over a few weeks such as looking for ways to increase income or reduce spending. Consider longer fiscal goals. Many people have five year goals in mind. This is where they want to be and what they want to be doing. The same should be true of all investment strategies.

Every person should have an immediately financial path they can follow right now. As they look forward, they should also think about where they hope to be at that time financially. As people age, it may be time to think about new time horizons and different financial strategies.

Treat Yourself

Saving is great. People tend to feel better about their lives when they aren't worried about paying the bills all the time. At the same time, wealth should also be used to enjoy all that life has to offer. Take the time to have some fun. Plan that vacation abroad. Go out to eat to celebrate a special anniversary. Use wealth not only to pay the bills. Use it to make your life and the lives of all those around you better. Consider donating part of your savings to your favorite charity. Make an investment in people as well as money.

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Benefits of Buying Wholesale Vape Supplies

Most smokers are shifting to vape and e-cigarettes, which are nicotine-free, to mitigate the effects of ordinary cigarettes. If you intend to go for vaping supplies, then the best way is to buy them in bulk. This helps you to save money and time.

If you are not convinced, let the benefits speak for themselves.

Cost Saving

As we have mentioned earlier, purchasing wholesale vaping supplies will help you to save money. It is understandable that e-cigarette stores have many overhead costs. However, going for these goods from wholesale suppliers, you will be able to get the product at overall lower costs.

Overcomes the Problem of Shortages

In the world of free and open market structure, running out of any product can negatively affect your business. The same case applies to vape products.

With the increase in popularity of these products, the aforementioned scenario will always lead to angry customers who will shift to a competitor's shop. It is imperative that your store has enough supplies to cater to all your customer's needs. This can be achieved by buying vaping supplies in bulk.

Wide Range of Products

A wholesaler of these products is likely to have more connection in the world of vaping supplies. Most customers want to have a wide range of options to choose from. This can never be achieved if you are going for single pieces.

Additionally, when buying in wholesale you will get vaping supplies in different sizes, and customized in accordance with your customer's taste and preference. Your customers can sample out what they need in terms of costs, size, and design.

According to Forbes, the latter scenario helps business owners to find products with a good profit margin. Moreover, you will know wholesale products that warrant repeat order. This will increase the overall sales and returns of your store.

Helps you Stay Current with Industry's Regulations

Vape products regulations are constantly changing. You do not want a situation where you have to shut down because you were ignorant to the new rules.

Established vape products wholesalers are always current with every regulation in the industry. Forging a close working relationship with these businesses means that there few regulations you will have to worry about.


Buying in bulk makes transporting goods easier than when buying in singles. Additionally, as long as you purchase your products from the same wholesale vapor it becomes very easy to re-order.

It is actually very comfortable since you make a single order and all the products are delivered to you at the same time. This saves you a lot in terms of time and money.

That being said, we can all agree that buying vaping products in wholesale is very convenient. Next time you intend to buy vapes just contact a wholesale dealer. However, remember you should do your research to get the best deal that will give you big profit margins.

If you have anything on your mind, feel free to leave a comment below.

More Resource: read more about vapor and e-cigarettes.

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