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The Factors That Influence How Consumers Perceive Your Brand

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If you were to name several brands in a minute, do you think you can name more than fifteen? Brands can easily be recognized by people due to several factors. Experiencing the product or the service alone does not immediately guarantee good brand perception. You might remember some brands due to the excellent advertising they have, the prices of the products, or due to controversies that affect their image. You might even remember brands from vlogs you have seen on YouTube or any social media platform.

If you’re an owner of a specific business or company, then it’s time for you to step up your game in terms of consumer perception. When people choose brands to purchase from, they actually engage in complex cognitive processes. Here are some of the common factors that influence how consumers perceive your brand as listed on Bizfluent.


Consumers can remember your brand in a blink of an eye if your products or services are priced reasonably, especially when they are compared to similar products or services from other brands. Consumers would always find ways to save money, which is why, most of the time, they would expect a bargain from sellers. However, if your product seems too inexpensive when compared to alternatives, consumers might think it’s cheap, discardable, and unreliable. Due to this notion, it is important for company owners or entrepreneurs to plan the price carefully. Products should be economically priced, which means it takes into account the economy, the alternatives in the market, consumer perception, labor, materials, packaging, and other important factors.

Quality and Service

These two factors are similar to each other, hence we grouped them into one. However, these two factors are also the vital factors with regard to consumer perception. Quality may refer to any attribute of the product that satisfies or disappoints the consumer. The attributes might be reliability, durability, and usability. As for service, this is applicable to how you or your staff accommodates consumers. Training your staff how to handle consumers from all walks of life is very important to prevent any major complaints or accidents in the course of their service. Put in mind that word of mouth is powerful and might affect how potential consumers view your products and/or services. This is true especially now that consumers usually share their purchasing experiences online. When you sell products online, your comments section might also be flooded by feedback from consumers. It should be your goal to receive a five-star rating from them or at least have positive comments on your online business profile.

The product itself is not the only reflection of your brand’s reputation. For instance, your company or business can be described in terms of your associations with other companies. In some cases, consumers also take a look at the business owners, endorsers, manufacturers, staff, and all the people involved in the business. This is why as business owners, it is crucial for you to keep a good entrepreneur image so your consumers wouldn’t have doubts about your products and/or services. Some entrepreneurs even go the extra mile by attending publicity events or by promoting their products themselves.


Branding refers to the overall look or identity of your business. Branding also entails the attractiveness of your products especially in terms of how it is being marketed or advertised. Through branding, you can express the uniqueness of your products and/or services. Think about branding this way: your customers can automatically get the idea of what to expect from your products and services. It allows you to differentiate your goods from the alternatives in the market. You can be the experienced and reliable service provider or the fresh yet innovative startup company. You decide.


How do you prepare your products for customers? The packaging of your products can really affect how consumers perceive them. If they are poorly wrapped around plastic, consumers might think their purchase is not at all special or is not even worth its price. If you sell stuff online, it is best to consider customized packaging or boxing to make sure the items you will deliver or ship to the consumers will be in its perfect condition. When it comes to packaging, people want to feel a sense of excitement whenever they purchase something new. Boxes or special containers give an element of surprise. Or it can give a feeling of assurance whenever there are fragile things inside it.

Basically, brands are everywhere. People just need to be given enough information and experience to remember them well. When you start branding for your business, you must address the factors that influence how consumers perceive your brand. Finally, we suggest you conduct a market research so you will get to know your consumers more, and you will be able to collect their common opinions about your products and services.