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A Stag Party to Remember at Adrenaline Quarry

Recently one of my best mates from university got married, and so a bunch of us decided to arrange his stag party for him. After considering a number of options we decided that a trip to Cornwall would be great, not just because of the nightlife but also as it would give us ample activities that we could pursue during the day.

Of course while there were many activities on the cards for stag days out in Cornwall, we wanted to kick things off with a bang and were looking for something special. That is when someone floated the idea of Adrenaline Quarry, and after a quick look at its website we knew that it was precisely the kind of thing we had in mind.

On the day itself we bundled ourselves into a van and set off directly to the quarry. It wasn’t hard to find, and the address got us there quite easily:


Lower Clicker Road

Menheniot, Near Liskeard

Cornwall PL14 3PJ

The groom didn’t really know what to expect, so when we pulled into what looked like a quarry lake he was fairly puzzled. However that quickly transformed to excitement as he realized the activities that were planned.

To get things started we all headed straight to the zip wire. Seeing as it was dubbed as the “UK’s Maddest Zip Wire” we figured that it would start the day off on the right note, and it didn’t disappoint. After careening down the zip wire two at a time, our adrenaline was really pumping.

Although some of us wanted to go again, we decided that we’d save that for later if we had the time and stuck to the plan which meant that coasteering was next. Our instructor was really friendly and took us on a variety of jumps that were exhilarating. However all that pales in comparison to the final stop that was ‘The Blob’.

It is hard to describe ‘The Blob’ but it is basically a gigantic inflatable tube. Seeing as it was the groom’s special day he got to go first, and he sat on one end of the tube as I jumped onto the other from the tower and sent him flying through the air and into the water. After that I took his place, and got sent flying in turn.

By the time we were done with ‘The Blob’ we were wet, a bit tired but still good to go for our final activity: The Giant Swing. As its name implies it was literally a gigantic swing that stretched out over the cliff side. After being hoisted up we were sent into a drop that put our hearts in our mouths before going back up and experiencing near weightlessness before dropping back down again.

Words fail to describe just how heart-stopping that was, but it was the perfect way to end a great start to the stag night. Before we left we decided that the next time one of our group gets married, we’re definitely heading back to the Adrenaline Quarry to kick off the stag do.