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Below are some useful resources related to Finance.

  • Yahoo! Finance: Check out business news and finance tools from Yahoo Finance!
  • CNN Money: Business, financial and personal finance news
  • 1clickmoney.com: provides guides, articles and tools for anything related to money and finance.
  • Investmenthelper.org: Features general guides as well as special tools for investment. Helpful to both professional investors and people who just got started in investment.
  • Invest with Passion: Features financial guides and resources for investments.
  • CryptoStix: Crytocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain have become very popular in recent years. Check out CryptoStix.com for resources and guides to learn about these topics.
  • MoneyControl.me: Features general guides as well as special tools for personal finance and other related topics.
  • Nocomo.org: a financial website providing guides and resources for money and finance.
  • Tradingster: A helpful websites for professional traders, features regularly updated COT resports.
  • ICOQuest.com: ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a new way for startups to get funding. ICOQuest.com provides a comprehensive list of ongoing and upcoming ICOs around the world.
  • Elastika: a website featuring guides and resources on blockchain and cryptocurrency.