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Below are some useful resources related to Travel.

  • Google Map: use Googe Map to travel with ease around the world.
  • TripIt: Use this app to make your travel easier if you have a complex itinerary and plan to venture from place to place.
  • Skyscanner: Find best deals in flights to save you some money during your next trip.
  • Accuweather: Remember to look up the weather when you are traveling in a different place.
  • Google Translate: One of the best translators for translating languages when you are visiting a foreign country.
  • TripAdvisor: a very peopular websites where you can find tons of reviews on hotels etc.
  • HongKongScape: A useful websites for resources and guides to Hong Kong.
  • Funxiang.net: A useful websites for resources and guides about China.
  • HappyTravelers.org: This is a useful website for travelers, including a lot of useful articles and destination guides.
  • Air Charter Finder: If you are looking for air charters or private jets, this website can help you find some good ones.
  • 24hChina.com: For people traveling to China, this website can provide a lots of info about China.